Month in Review: March 2020

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Well, 2020 has taken quite the turn, hasn’t it? Never in my wildest, anxiety ridden dreams did I imagine that we’d be dealing with an international pandemic this year, or in my lifetime really. As of writing this, I’ve been in my house without leaving for 35 days. We’re incredibly lucky that California took COVID-19 very seriously early on and put a shelter in place order out super early, so luckily things aren’t too bad here though we’re being extra cautious. Therefore, this month’s recap doesn’t have much to report aside from a plethora of homemade meals, a LOT of Nintendo Switch playing and quite a bit of binge watching (Tiger King, anyone)?

Max’s birthday is in the first half of March and it was sort of our last “normal” event before the shelter in place happened. Even still, we didn’t go out anywhere except to my parent’s house where my mom made dinner for him and we played Clue and Apples to Apples. Not exactly the most thrilling birthday but better safe than sorry (also we’re hoping to maybe head to Hawaii or somewhere else special for his birthday to make up for it!)

Switch Update

In our household we are happy to have had the foresight to have purchased a Nintendo Switch long ago (I hear it’s near impossible to get one right now) and when we first heard about the shelter in place order one of the firs things I did was order Let’s Go Eevee and Animal Crossing. This proved to be a VERY smart move as video games have been one of the things to help take my mind off the pandemic the most. I’m currently about 37 hours into Let’s Go Eevee and loving it (I love that it focuses just on the Indigo League) and have beaten 5 gyms so far (I’m also pretty proud of grinding enough to have caught a Lapras recently lol). In Animal Crossing, Max and I have been tag teaming working on our Island, Luna Cove, and are actually pretty big fans of Tom Nook and the Nooklings lol. We ended up keeping our first island which included apples and a blue airport, though I’m sort of “meh” on the original villagers we got (Sprocket and Sylvia) but since I didn’t remember much from the OG animal crossing I decided to just go with it. Since then we’ve had Stu, Bubbles and Skye join our island and are working on getting the campsite set up. I also love Blather and his soft, smol self. Next up is doing more night playing so I can finally catch some star fragments!

Shows Update

We’ve been making use of our (relatively) new Hulu subscription by watching Little Fires Everywhere (I am enjoying the show way more than the book and Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington are crazy talented!) We’ve also been bingeing The Good Wife which I’m addicted too currently (back in the day I loved a good courtroom drama novel and that seems to be expanding to tv shows as well!

My coworkers have all been obsessed with Tiger King and we generally host a virtual happy hour once a month surrounding a show we’re all watching to I decided to give it a shot so I could join this month’s call (last month it was Love Is Blind). BOY was Tiger King a wild ride! It was horrifying yet I still couldn’t help but finish it? I wasn’t expecting it to have such a true crime angle to it either!

Books I Read This Month

Books I Reviewed This Month:

A Heart So Fierce and Broken (4 Stars)

Girls with Razor Hearts (4 Stars)

The Honey-Don’t List (4 Stars)

Don’t Date Rosa Santos (3.5 Stars)

Loveboat, Taipei (3.5 Stars)


Total Books Read: 6

Total Novellas Read: 0

Rereads: 0

Favorite Book Read This Month: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder was excellent!

Least Favorite Book Read This Month: The Two Lives of Lydia Bird unfortunately put me in a reading slump!

Book that Most Surprised Me This Month: The Honey-Don’t List was a fun inversion of the home renovation show trend!

Reading Challenge Updates

Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge Progress: 18/100

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4 responses to “Month in Review: March 2020

  1. Yessss I loved Let’s Go Eevee and I am a full blown ACNH addict at this point! I still need star fragments too! Blathers is the CUTEST and I’m having so much fun designing my island! I’m so so glad I bought my own Switch Lite when they were first released too! I’m glad you enjoyed Deadly Little Scandals too! And I added The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder to my wish list after reading your review yesterday!

    • Oh I hope you enjoy A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder! ACNH has become such a soothing part of my day while being stuck in the house! Even though I’m not that far along on my island yet it’s so soothing to have a daily “routine” that I follow in the game lol. I should have the Able sister’s shop tomorrow and I am so excited!

  2. I’d say I’m impressed at you not leaving the house for 35 days but also that’s insane. I mean, I’ve really been out to exercise and go to the shop but I’d definitely be going a little stir crazy otherwise. It’s good that your state acted quickly, though. That’s always the important thing isn’t it. I feel like I’m the only person who hasn’t watched Tiger King, it just doesn’t sound like it’s my kind of show at all but I am intrigued by the hype as everyone is talking about it. I adored A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, I cannot wait for the next book, I’m intrigued how it’ll work with a second book.

    Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity recently posted: Sunday Summary // 19.04.2020
    • It definitely had its challenges staying in the house for so long but I was being extra cautious! I have been going out a little more (mainly just in our front yard/backyard or essential errands like the gas station) but I’m still being pretty careful and will likely not be among the first to go out once everything starts reopening- I’ll wait to see what happens first!

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