Pre Order Priorities [4]: Fall 2017 Edition

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Pre-Order Priorities is a feature that highlights all of the books that I’ve recently pre-ordered and am anxiously awaiting to arrive at my door!

September is finally here and despite the 113 F degree weather, I’m just as anxious for the fall season as any yoga-pants-ugg-wearing-pumpkin-candle-burning basic blogger. Some of the BEST books are coming out over the course of the next few months, and here are some that I’ve already pre-ordered!

Release Date: September 26th, 2017

Max and I only received samplers of this at YallWest, so we’re eager to get our hands on a full copy, especially in time for Stephanie’s tour stop near us!

Release Date: September 26th, 2017

Our household is a Bardugo-obsessed one, so we definitely need this to add to our collection (I also recently caved and re-purchased the Grisha trilogy books so I could have the new covers!)

Release Date: October 10th, 2017

I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for this one. Also, I think I’m going to finally meet Maggie in person for her book tour for this one *cue panicked fangirling*

Release Date: November 7th, 2017

The cover alone is worth purchasing this book. Hoping that I’ll have time to reread the original trilogy before diving into this one!

Funko POP Figures

I’m always on the lookout for new POP figures, so when I saw the a new wave of Harry Potter ones were coming out this fall I had to pre-order Harry (in pajamas with the Marauder’s Map), Lupin, and Luna! I generally don’t collect all of the funkos in a release, just the ones that I think are cute!

What books do you have pre-ordered for the upcoming fall season? Have you seen the new Harry Potter funkos? Are you ordering any? Let me know in the comments!

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20 responses to “Pre Order Priorities [4]: Fall 2017 Edition

  1. I haven’t pre-ordered anything for awhile, but since two of my favorite authors will hopefully have books out in 2018, maybe next year I’ll preorder some stuff! OMG, that Luna POP figure is adorable! My niece’s name is Luna (yes, after the character!) and I’m hoping when she gets old enough she’ll enjoy all this Harry Potter stuff!

    • There are some FANTASTIC Harry Potter Pops coming out this fall! That’s amazing that your niece is named after an HP character…I was just thinking earlier today what a pretty name Luna is, but I’ll admit I was referencing Sailor Moon more than Harry Potter!

  2. I’ve ordered so many recently that I can’t even remember them all now. Oops! I know I ordered Hunting Prince Dracula, Invictus, One Dark Throne, and Brooding YA Hero. I ordered Odd & True (signed) which I’m still waiting on. I know there are others. I’m definitely getting All The Crooked Saints, but I’m waiting to see if I can make it to the book signing.

    • The cover for Hunting Prince Dracula is stunning! I still haven’t gotten around to Stalking Jack the Ripper yet but it’s on my radar since I’m totally into spookier reads for fall (and that’s about as far into the “horror” genre that I’ll get!)

  3. This is a really fun post idea! I preorder a lot, I might have to make a similar post (and credit you of course!). It really is too hot up here but inside my house it looks like fall and I’m trying my hardest to pretend haha! The Language of Thorns looks so cool and I preordered the Ginny Weasley pop myself! I’ve been waiting for her for so long! Lots of good new Potter pops this fall 🙂

    Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle recently posted: Back to School: History of Fictional Worlds Syllabus
    • Go for it! Can’t wait to see what books you’ve pre-ordered as well!

      I’m hoping to decorate for Halloween by the end of this month! It was cooling off for a bit, but the temps are supposed to go back up to the high 80s this weekend and I am mourning the fall we probably won’t have since I feel like the transitional seasons of spring/fall are disappearing and it’s really just super hot summer followed by a super cold winter now!

    • I’m sort of worried it may be to scary for me, haha! I am not a horror fan at ALL but I know this is supposed to be more campy than anything, but I still worry! I also do not do gore so we will see how that goes. My bf read the 100+ page sampler and said it wasn’t scary at all, but he watches quite a few horror movies so it’s safe to say that his tolerance for the genre is higher than mine lol

  4. I’ve been terrible with keeping up with new releases this year, and while I usually preorder the books I’m most excited for, I haven’t preordered a single one so far! I hadn’t even shelved The Language of Thorns or All the Crooked Saints on goodreads up until now, even though I am so very excited for both of those. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. 😀 And I love the Funkos, they look adorable. I only own a single Harry Funko myself but it’s really hard to resist getting more. I just don’t have room to put them anywhere, unfortunately.

    • It’s SO hard to resist the funkos. I honestly probably don’t have room for them, but I keep clicking the “purchase” button on Amazon lol. I’d ideally like to get a bookshelf dedicated just to funkos/collectibles one day…but I don’t even have enough shelves for my books right now let alone other things.

  5. 113F WEATHER?! Oh my goodness … that sounds awful! I mean, good for summer but definitely not for FALL when we’re all trying to wear sweaters and drink lattes :p

    I’m really excited to see what Stephanie Perkins does with her YA horror/thriller. Have you read the sampler yet, or are you waiting for the full novel? Her stories are so addicting I wouldn’t blame you if you took a peek, hehe.

    • Ugh I KNOW it was this terrible, terrible end of summer heat wave. Literally you could not even go outside for 2 seconds without dying. I am ready for fall weather!!! I haven’t read the sampler yet (I don’t really like reading samplers) but my BF did and he liked it OK but didn’t find it scary…however he’s a big horror film fan so he has a pretty high tolerance for the genre lol (much higher than me, that’s for sure!)

  6. I JUST preordered The Language of Thorns yesterday! The only other books I have on preorder right now are Secrets for the Mad by Dodie Clark (because I adore all of her content and I am so excited for her book) and Turtles All the Way Down by John Green (because I bought a ticket to his tour stop in my city and the price included a signed copy of the book). Stephanie Perkins is coming to my city next week, so I plan on picking up TSIYH at that event (or else I totally would also have that one preordered, ha).

    Madalyn @ Novel Ink recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday: Madalyn’s Fall TBR
    • Honestly I’m SO bad at figuring out ahead of time if I have to buy a book at an event or not, so I generally pre-order anyways and then if I have to buy a duplicate copy I use one as a giveaway! I’ve been super into preordering for the fall because I feel like there was a bit of a drought of books I was excited about this summer, and it’s nice to have something to look forward to every Tuesday in my mailbox! I’m curious to see how the John Green event goes for you- it’s his first release in a while so I’m sure the crowd is going to be HUGE!

  7. I LOVE everything about fall, and the books this year have me super pumped! I already read There’s Someone Inside Your House and really liked it! I can’t wait for The Language of Thorns and The Becoming of Noah Shaw. It has been a while since I read either of those series. Happy Reading!

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