What I’m Loving From Trader Joe’s Lately

Posted October 21, 2020 by Cristina (Girl in the Pages) in Features / 5 Comments

Fall is here and that means a plethora of seasonal favorites (both old and new!) have arrived at Trader Joe’s! With COVID, I haven’t eaten out since March and have been exploring a lot more foods I can eat/prepare at home, and I’ve been trying a lot more things, especially from Trader Joe’s. I’ve rounded up my fall favorites in the post below!

Apple Blossoms

I am absolutely in love with these little, self serve apple pies. I’m more of an apple dessert person than pumpkin (though there are many of pumpkin items on my list today!) and one of the things I’ll miss most this year about going to a pumpkin patch is getting the apple themed desserts. However, these little beauties are absolutely HEAVENLY paired with some vanilla ice cream. The pie crust petals are excellent (unpopular opinion: my favorite part of the pie is the crust!) and the ratio of crust to filling is perfect!

Pumpkin Cookies

So in my adult years I’m starting to become more fond of pumpkin, and we’ve found some great pumpkin cookie options at TJ’s recently! I especially love the pumpkin batons because they’re so light and pretty low calorie so I don’t feel too guilty snacking on one or two! I’m also a huge Oatmeal + Chocolate Chip fan so was SO excited to find this cookie mix!

Fall Spreads

To be fair I haven’t tried these spreads yet but I LOVE Cookie Butter and I am living for all of these new seasonal spreads that are coming out!! Now to just determine what to put them on…

Spud Crunchies

Ok so this is technically more of a summer product (at least I think, I can’t find them at my local TJ’s anymore, RIP) but I think I saw these in a Fearless Flyer once and we decided to try them and they are SO good if you like ketchup. They really encompass that flavor profile of eating a french fry dunked in ketchup in a very convenient format.

Those are all of my current favorite Trader Joe’s picks but they are rocking it with the seasonal items lately so I can’t wait to pick up some more next time we’re at the store- we don’t go too often because of COVID but usually go every 3 or so weeks to stock up on supplies! I would love to hear what your current TJ’s faves are (seasonal or permanent) that you’ve been enjoying in the comments! Add to my shopping list 🙂

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