What the Witchlands Series Means to Me + Giveaway

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If you were a book blogger in 2015, it was almost impossible to escape the hype for Truthwitch, the first book in Susan Dennard’s Witchlands series that combined elemental magic, a high fantasy setting, and an absolutely STUNNING cover into one perfect package. ARCS were among some of the most coveted for the 2016 release, photos of the cover in artfully arranged setting were taking over Bookstagram, and bloggers were dying for the chance to get their hands on the title of what promised to be a new epic YA fantasy.

Truthwitch did not disappoint, and it kicked off an extremely well researched, unique, and thoughtful series. I’ve read a lot of YA fantasy in both my time as a blogger and the many years before then as a reader, and I have yet to find a YA fantasy book that included a power that was so fascinating to me as Threadwitchery. Iseult, one of the main protagonists in the series, is a Threadwitch, meaning she can see the threads that bond and bind and even break people and their relationships, and each thread is connected to an emotion, which in turn is associated with a specific color. Iseult’s power forever fascinates me, especially seeing what colors are tied to what emotions and the strength of the bonds (or lack thereof) between characters). You also have Truthwitches, Bloodwitches, Windwitches, etc…each power carefully thought out and uniquely crafted to a certain element with a care that is conveyed through every scene on the page.

Aside from my love for the series itself, I’ve had the privilege to meet Susan two times, when she was on tour for Truthwitch and also when she was on tour for Windwitch. Both times, Susan was one of the most (if not THE most) genuine authors I have ever met at an event. There was such a sincerity about her and she was so earnest and honest in answering all of the questions I had for her and her work, and she even remembered Max and I the second time we saw her (and they chatted a bit about video games)! However, it wasn’t just her kindness that made Susan stand out as an author, it was her approach to her writing and her background that was so unique and that you can see come through in every element of her writing. She was a scientist and researcher, and she’s so intelligent, and you can see her background in science and academia shine through in her writing and willingness to dispense advise and teach her fans everything from writing tips to the behind the scenes elements of what the road to publishing looks like. I very much hope that I am privileged enough to meet Susan again, perhaps if she goes on tour for Bloodwitch!

Given how special this series has been to me especially back when I was a newer blogger, I’m so excited to announce that I’m partnering with Tor Teen for a Witchlands giveaway!

Get Carried Away with The Witchlands! One (1) winner receives:

  • copies of Truthwitch and Windwitch (Books #1 + #2 in the series),
  • plus a custom The Witchlands map tote bag and a “Voidwitch” zip-up hoodie!

Giveaway open to US addresses only.

Prizing and samples provided by Tor Teen

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
  • US only.
  • You will be disqualified for cheating (picking entries you do not do).
  • You may use only one account to enter.
  • If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.
  • The winner’s information that was submitted to enter the giveaway will be shared with Tor Teen and Big Honcho Media so your prize can be mailed to you.
  • We (Tor Teen, Big Honcho Media, and Girlinthepages.com) are not responsible for items lost in the mail.

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6 responses to “What the Witchlands Series Means to Me + Giveaway

  1. I remember when this first came out, with all the craze and all, and I told myself I would read it asap because SO many people read it and loved it but somehow I never did! I really need to get on this 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    • Now would be an excellent time to start it as the third book comes out in early 2019- honestly it’s so hard to keep starting new fantasy series and then having a year between books and having to reread all of the prior books to remember what happened…I almost prefer starting a series later on once most of the books are out and the hype has died down so I can binge them in peace!

  2. This was such a cute post! I really enjoy hearing about people’s journey with books – how they first came to crack open the pages and author experiences. Great stuff!

    Also, DAMN MY NOT LIVING IN THE US. I’d be all over this otherwise. I haven’t read Truthwitch yet. I remember thinking at the time that it seemed like it was piggybacking off the Throne of Glass wave and that had me a bit worried. I also heard mixed things at the time. BUT, from what you’ve described it sounds great!

    • I can totally see why you’d make the association between TOG and Witchlands (plus the authors are really good friends IRL so I think it did lend itself to some cross promotion). I can see how there are a few similarities between the protagonists but other than that the series both feel very different!

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