Monthly TBR Plan: May 2019

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I’ve made a lot of reading resolutions, and one of them is to be better about cultivating a monthly TBR. I know so many bloggers do beginning of the month TBR posts and I always LOVE reading them, so I’ve decided to post my own as well! I will include my physical, e-book, and ARC TBRs as well as a status update of where I am prior to starting my upcoming month’s TBR.

Reading Progress Prior To This Month: 22/70 Books Read

I know I sound like a broken record BUT wedding planning has REALLY impacted my reading this year. I’m still doing OK (I’ve averaged about 6 books a month until last month I took a dip down to 3) but I’m definitely behind where I usually am this time of year. Yet I am LESS THAN 30 DAYS AWAY from the wedding and once it (and the honeymoon) are over I can crack down on my reading schedule again! I’ve limited myself to 6 books this month for my TBR in order to be reasonable with the expectations I am setting for myself (and I will be happy to get through 3-4 of these books to be honest!)

For Review

With the Fire on High // The cover of this one is STUNNING and it was one of my number one priority books when I went to ALA back in January. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the chance to pick this one up and I think it’s going to be my immediate next read!

These Witches Don’t Burn // I am STOKED that witches are coming back into popularity again because I’ve harbored a deep love for them since the 90s. Also, the covers this year are SO GOOD I am deeply obsessed with this one also. Also, a Salem setting!!!

Don’t Date Rosa Santos // I feel like there’s so many Latinx titles being released this year which is amazing! This one looks fun and adorable and is giving me sort of Jane the Virgin vibes with the superstitions, Florida setting, complicated relationship with her abuela, etc. Also, another cover I absolutely love!!!


The Everlasting Rose // So I’ve screamed enough about this book on my blog already, so I won’t add much more. Max pre-ordered it for me as a birthday gift and of course I didn’t read it when it arrived but I did START it so I hope I can finish it this month! I’m honestly a bit burned out on contemporary books right now so a fantasy will be a welcome relief! I just need to job my memory on the happenings in the previous book and was finding it hard to find thorough recaps online which is why I set this one down for a while…

When We Left Cuba // Next Year in Havana is one of the best historical fiction novels I’ve read in a LONG time, so I’m really excited about this spin-off story! Max was also kind enough to pre-order this one for me as an early birthday gift and OF COURSE I have not had a chance to pick it up yet…that will hopefully be changing soon!

Tower of Dawn // I feel like this has become a running joke on my blog because I have had this on my TBR for SO MANY MONTHS yet never finish it. I am a good 80 pages in though (that’s something) and as I mentioned above I’m going through a bit of contemporary burnout so hoping I will be more motivated to continue on with this one now!

Are any of these on your TBR? What’s your most anticipated book for May? Let me know in the comments!



8 responses to “Monthly TBR Plan: May 2019

  1. Oh my gosh, your wedding is so close! You muat be ao excited and probably a little stress. Sending you all the positive vibes! I hope you love Don’t Date Rosa Santos as much as I did. I loved it soooo much. Happy May!

    • So I feel like my biggest issue with TOD is that I’m expecting NOT to like it which then makes me dread picking it up, but when I do read it it’s fine lol. Also the sheer size of it (when it was originally supposed to be a novella) sort of scares me! I’m ALMOST at the 100 page mark (after several months haha) so I hope it starts picking up in pace!

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