Top Ten Characters I Wish Had Their OWN Books

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TTTcustombannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the fantastic blog The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Characters Who You Wish Had Their OWN Books!

1) Zuze from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy Zuze is so sassy and fantastic and is the human best friend who completely and totally embraces the magical world. I’d love to hear about her future with one foot in each world.

2) Teddy Lupin from Harry Potter (Beware spoilers if you haven’t finished the series!)He’s basically like Harry 2.0, except his parents death aided in stopping Voldemort and ridding the world of a tyrannical leader. I think it would be so touching to see him and Harry’s relationship as his godfather.

3) Ignifex/Shade from Cruel Beauty I loved loved loved this book but I’m still confused as to exactly what happened. Seeing the curse and the dual worlds from Ignifex/Shade/the Prince’s perspective would be so fascinating, especially to see a character who’s being was split into two.

4) Charlotte Fairchild from The Infernal Devices I love Charlotte. She’s a female head of an institute in a time when gender prejudice is high, even among Shadowhunters, and she continually has to fight for members of the Clave to take her seriously, even though she’s more compassionate, intelligent, and shrewd than many of them. She’s like the feminist of the Shadowhunter world and I’d love to read how she dealt with her struggles from her perspective.

5) Raegan from Fangirl She’s so sassy and she’s the perfect non-conformist-student character that doesn’t feel like a cliché. I’d be interested in her backstory and her strange connection with Levi.

6) The Darkling from the Grisha TrilogyThe Darkling is my favorite favorite favorite character from this series and one of my favorite villains. There were so many plot twists and revelations about his lineage and he really seems like a tortured character with complex motives. Even by the end of the series I feel like only the surface was scratched on his character.

7) Dorota from Gossip Girl- Ok, so Dorota was only a character on the show but she’s a) hilarious and b) knows all the secrets, hence why so many other characters thought she was Gossip Girl herself.

8) Patch/Jev Cipriano from the Hush Hush series- I want Patch’s POV so badly because I want to know what heaven/the angelic order is like in this series. I love this series, but I felt like there was this major component missing of exploring WHAT heaven was like, and what background/memories/experiences fallen angels have.

9) Elise from Dangerous Girls I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but let’s just say that after reading the ending I really want need to know what went down between her and the killer in her final moments.

10) Bleecker (Amy & Nick’s Cat) from Gone Girl Because let’s be honest, that cat is the only one who knows the truth about what went on in this book. (I also loved that he was always present in the movie scenes as well as an adorable orange tabby).

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31 responses to “Top Ten Characters I Wish Had Their OWN Books

  1. Yes to Charlotte i adore her! I wanted more more more Lottie scenes! Also, The Darkling. I would love to read his back story. I havent written my post yet but ill probably include Charlotte and Genya from Grisha. I may put a few other Grisha characters on there because I truly enjoyed all three of the male sutors in that series.

    • I know right? I feel like JKR spent so much time into constructing the universe that I really want her to write more within it, there’s still so much more to know about the characters, about how magic works, etc.

  2. I loved both Zuze and Charlotte, I just wasn’t sure if there was enough of their story that wasn’t already told.

    Good choice for a Harry Potter sequel character. His mother’s ability would be so fun to play with!

    I picked the Darkling too! Nikolai’s my favorite, but I think the Darkling just has more potential for a good story. He’s just such a complex character.

    • I think Zuze’s story potential lies in the future, what happens post Dreams of Gods and Monsters! And I think reading about Charlotte’s past and upbringing as such a headstrong female Shadowhunter in that time would be fascinating!

      I always wondered how much of Tonks’ ability Teddy got! (Like to what extent, if he could completely change his appearance like she could).

      I love Nikolai too, but I think the Darkling is more of an enigma, and I still don’t feel like I have a good grasp of his character after the series ended, although I think I understood a lot more about Nikolai’s character after Ruin and Rising.

  3. I definitely want to know more about Teddy, and his life! If there was a book about him, I’d devour it (though I have read WAYY too many fanfics about him XD)
    Raegan all the way 😉

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