First Half of 2018 Releases I Haven’t Read Yet

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After reading Lauren’s post on January-June 2018 releases she’s surprised she hasn’t read yet, I knew I had to do my own! I specifically have a “2018 Releases” shelf on Goodreads that I use to keep track of my most anticipated new releases, and I was just scrolling through it to other day to see which ones I’ve missed so far. I’m including below the reads I was most excited for that I haven’t gotten around to yet…ideally they will make it onto some upcoming TBR posts!

January-February Releases

Reign of the Fallen // Honestly I feel like I don’t even really know what this book is about? I just LOVE the cover. Every time I see if I find it so striking, and the title is pretty cool too! Hopefully this one isn’t just a case of cover-love.

Say You’ll Remember Me // I heard a lot of great things from fellow bloggers about this one, and I actually have the audio downloaded on my phone via Scribd. I keep putting it off though in favor of Katie Cotugno books lol. I’m hoping to add it to my audio rotation soon.

People Like Us // So this one is my fault because I had requested and received a digital copy from the library and didn’t get around to reading it before it expired, as I just had so many other books to get through at the time. I would like to re-request this one before the end of the year, though!

Cadaver & Queen // Total and complete cover love for this one too (I feel like a lot of the darker sounding books on my TBR came out in the winter, lol). This one is sort of a similar situation to Reign of the Fallen. I think I’ll need a physical copy of this one for my shelves because it’s so striking!

March-April Releases

To Kill a Kingdom // Since this one was written by a former blogger, I’ve seen it hyped EVERYWHERE around the blogosphere and I love the siren-y vibes I get from the cover. However, “sea” focused fantasies can be super hit or miss for me, especially if a lot of it takes place on a boat (I tend to get cabin fever from reading the limited setting). No idea how much “boat time” this one features, but I’m getting Little Mermaid vibes from the synopsis and am excited for it!

Sam & Ilsa’s Last Hurrah // So I’ll admit, high school based contemporaries have not really been my jam lately (I feel like I’ve kind of outgrown them?) but again I am sucked in by the cover of this one, and I think it’s relatively short. I’ve seen this one on overdrive and will probably read more toward the end of the year, because for some reason the cover gives me total NYE vibes (even though it’s not set during that time of year lol).



My So-Called Bollywood Life // I actually grabbed an ARC of this at YALLWest Prom, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I’ve read a lot of excellent diverse books so far this year and so I’m really excited for this one and hoping to squeeze it in before the end of the summer since it’s on the slimmer side!

Legendary // Haha, continuing my trend of pre-ordering books and not actually reading them for several months/years after the release date. You know we all do it, don’t @ me.

The Kiss Quotient // I’ve seen EVERYONE talking about this adult romance the past few months online, and I’m definitely in the mood to read more adult romance during the rest of 2018 as I’ve recently gotten hooked thanks to reading my first Helena Hunting book. I’m hoping this one will fit that mold.

Not the Girls You’re Looking For // Forever kicking myself that I missed getting an ARC of this one at the YALLWEST Fierce Friday preview night. The cover is just so gorgeous, and I hear the protagonist comes from a mixed family and I do appreciate stories that show protagonists navigating two different cultures.

Have you gotten to all of your most anticipated 2018 reads? What’s one that you cannot believe you haven’t gotten to yet? Let me know in the comments!


16 responses to “First Half of 2018 Releases I Haven’t Read Yet

  1. YES! I still definitely need to get to PEOPLE LIKE US. I keep forgetting how excited I was for it!

    I enjoyed SAM & ISLA a bit; it was a super quick and easy read with some… interesting… characters haha. Omg THE KISS QUOTIENT was SO freakin good. I was nervous about it because of the hype but I’m obsessed with it. Be warned that it is VERY steamy haha – a lot of people seemed surprised at the amount of those scenes! And LEGENDARY was definitely a worthy follow-up to CARAVAL for me.

  2. I’ve been so bad at reading 2018 releases! The only 2018 release I’ve read so far this year has been Leah on the Offbeat. I recently bought the kindle of The Kiss Quotient so I’m excited to get to it because of all the hype surrounding it! There’s also a ton of releases in the second half of the year that I’m looking forward to and know I’ll for sure read 😀

    • I’m so excited for the Kiss Quotient too- I just have to wait for my library hold to come in! I think about half of my reads so far this year have been 2018 releases which is decent, but I still feel so behind! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up because like you said, there are so many good books being released in the second half of 2018 that I really want to be able to have time for!

    • I’m curious about Finding Felicity as well! I have heard a lot of great things, but I never watched the show Felicity so I’m not sure if the references would go over my head. I’m really excited to get to the Kiss Quotient!

  3. I thought People Like Us was pretty good. My So-Called Bollywood Life is one I want to read too, and Not The Girls You’re Looking For sounds good too.

    • I hope you have a chance to get to them soon! I agree, this year there have been SO MANY new releases (which is great, I’m so glad there are so many YA books being published these days!) but it’s hard to keep up!

  4. Whoa, I didn’t know Alexandra Christo is a former blogger. That’s awesome. I really enjoyed that one. They do get off the boat to visit other kingdoms, but maybe less than I would have liked because I enjoyed the world-building so much, I wanted to see more of this world. Hope you enjoy these titles!

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