What I’ve Been Watching Lately [2]

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Inspired by Lauren @ Bookmarklit, I’ve been wanting to incorporate some more non-bookish things into my blog. Since Netflix is practically a hobby in and of itself these days, I am tagging along on her feature on showcasing what I’ve been watching lately!

It’s been a while since I featured that I’ve been watching lately, and now that spring is here I thought it would be fun to feature the shows I’ve added to my tv rotation this season. I’m still watching the shows from my last post (Dynasty, Jane the Virgin, and Riverdale) so I’m only going to be featuring shows that I’ve added to my rotation since then.

TV Shows

Champions // I’ve never been much of sitcom person (like literally the last sitcom type show I watched with any regularity was Seinfeld in the 90s), but Max and I though the commercials for this one were hilarious and we liked the idea of having a quick, half hour show to watch on nights we get home from work late (we always like to unwind with a tv show after work). While the “dad” drives us up the freaking wall, we LOVE Michael and his hilarious pop culture references and meme-worthy quotes.

Spring Baking Championship // I am complete trash for competition cooking/baking shows (even though I really do not bake) and this season’s competitors are really strong! And it’s fascinating to see how they’re making all of the challenges themed after total Instagram desserts (no longer can the challenge just be to make a cake, oh no, it has to be a succulent cake…) This is the best season since Season 1 and I have my fingers crossed for Cristina!

Master Chef Jr. // See above comment about my obsession with competition cooking shows. Also, these kids could cook any of the kids that show up on Food Network shows under the table.

Four Weddings // So I’ve mainly been watching reruns since there’s like a million seasons On Demand, and I claim it’s in the vein of “research” for our own wedding planning, but I LOVE how cheesy and hilarious this show can be, and Max and I have now become wedding critiquing experts from watching it. They’re also releasing new episodes that focus on four brides who are friends- I’ve only seen one but I’m excited that they’re bringing this series back!


Chef’s Table Pastry // This Netflix documentary series is SO soothing for us to watch for some reason, and really just surpasses any creativity I’ve ever seen done with food in real life. I feel smarter after watching it, lol. I was bummed that the new “season” they advertised is only four episodes, but we’ve watched two out of four so far and enjoyed them!

The Vampire Diaries // I’ve been having major nostalgia for the books/shows/games I enjoyed while in high school/college and have been drawn towards revisiting those things lately. I decided I wanted to binge this show again since I miss paranormal romance, and I also never saw the last two seasons, so now I can finally finish! Max is having a fun time semi-watching this with me and laughing at all of the hilarious 2008 acting and references.


Table 19 // So I’m basically at the point where I will watch ANYTHING wedding related right now, and my parents actually recommended this one to me, so we picked it up from a red box at Safeway. I actually really enjoyed it and was surprised that it ended up being ~deeper~ than we expected. It was also hilarious because in planning a wedding we’ve now discovered there is definitely always a Table 19, lol.

Lady Bird // Another red box rental (I’m really trying to catch up on all of the movies I’ve missed lately) and after all of the Oscar buzz it received we decided to give it a shot despite reservations that it was going to be a hipster fest. I had no idea it was set in Sacramento so that was sort of cool but it wasn’t what we were expecting- like it was a good movie but I didn’t find it exceptionally profound or innovative for a coming of age high school tale, so I was kind of surprised it’s received such phenomenal reviews?

Love, Simon // This movie was perfection and SO. FUNNY. I loved everything about it but hands down was the text exchange between Simon and his mom where he sends her an SOS to pick him up from his school dance with the lie that “kids are drinking alcohol.” *Insert laughing so hard I’m crying emoji* Also Simon’s parents are just couple goals <3

Up Next

Marvel Binge Watching // Max is super excited about Infinity War, and I want to see it with him but my Marvel movie watching is fractured at best. After seeing and really enjoying Spiderman: Homecoming last year, I’ve been wanting to go back to the beginning of the Disney-Marvel collaboration and start watching the films, since I’ve only seen bits and pieces of most. We’ll probably start with the first Captain America and go from there!

Best Baker in America // I’m not really sure how this baking show is going to differ from the others baking shows that are on Food Network right now, but Scott Conant is one of the hosts so I am 100% here for it.

I, Tonya // I’ve loved Margo Robbie since I saw her in Pan Am (RIP that show) and this movie looks INTENSE but so far it’s always been sold out when we stop by a red box.

Are you currently watching any of these shows? Any upcoming shows that you’re anxiously awaiting? Let me know in the comments!



12 responses to “What I’ve Been Watching Lately [2]

  1. I’ve been watching Spring Baking Championship on and off, and it’s so fun! Their creations look so amazing. And I’m obsessed with Four Weddings – I love when the shows takes place in my area, sometimes I see venues that I’ve been to before!

    • I LOVE the baking championship series on Food network- they have such a colorful, whimsical tone that I love (and that captures my attention more than some of the more serious baking shows). I know what you mean about Four Weddings- they don’t do a lot in my area or state, but when they do I get SO excited lol

  2. EEEK YES FOR MARVEL I AM SO EXCITED. It took me a few movies to really get into it, but I’m so hooked after a while. Please be warned that the first Captain America movie is my least favorite, so don’t worry if you don’t like it LOL. Infinity War was unbelievable so you have a lot of good stuff ahead of you 😉

    I really loved I, Tonya! I was definitely too young to remember back when it happened and truthfully didn’t know much about it until the movie, so it was awesome. I highly enjoyed it and Margot Robbie <3333

    Lauren (Bookmark Lit) recently posted: Bout of Books 22 | Sign-Up, Goals, and TBR
    • So I just watched Thor Ragnarok last night and of course loved it (because CHRIS HEMSWORTH) but it was a lot more depressing than I thought?? I asked Max if I had to watch ALL of them and he said there’s some I can skip, so I’m having him make a list of the essentials that I’ll need to get caught up to speed by the time I watch Infinity War lol

  3. Haha Four Weddings is absolutely amazing! That and Say Yes to the Dress are my guilty pleasures when I’m in the mood for mindless but somehow fascinating TV. It definitely counts as wedding research 🙂

    I’ve been debating whether or not to see Lady Bird next weekend and I’m kind of torn because while it was a big deal at the Oscars, I’ve been hearing a lot of opinions similar to yours. It just doesn’t seem to be striking people’s fancy outside of the critique world…

    I also have to go on a Marvel binge watch ASAP! One of my friends went to go see Infinity War and they said it was absolute amazing and I should see it immediately. I haven’t seen like 4 of the pivotal Marvel movies (Civil War, Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, and the Hulk) so I need to do some serious bingeing. I hadn’t thought of doing a whole series rewatch but that’s actually a good idea considering the increasingly complicated timelines as they bring in more characters.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    • Right?? I consulted with my fiance and while he said there’s a few I don’t technically have to watch, there are some (like captin america) that I should really see if I really want to know what’s going on come infinity war. Last night we watched Thor: Ragnarok and while it was good it was actually a lot sadder than I was expecting???

  4. I always LOVE seeing what people have been watching. I, too, am absolute trash for cooking/baking competition shows. Lately I’ve been watching Worst Cooks in America and it makes me cackle. It’s the funniest cooking competition show I’ve ever seen. I also really liked Zumbo’s Just Desserts and Nailed It, but I’m not sure if those are available on US Netflix.

    I adore The Vampire Diaries and I haven’t seen the last 2 seasons either! I actually was going to go back and rewatch the whole series recently because I was feeling nostalgic, but Austrian Netflix doesn’t even HAVE the last few seasons so I was annoyed.

    – Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover

    Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover recently posted: Lefty’s Lowdown: The Goodnight Kiss by Jennifer L. Hart
    • I tried watching a season of worst bakers in america but I couldn’t do it- they were just SO bad!! I was cringing while watching lol. I’ve never heard of the other two but I am always up for checking out more! I’m also excited for the new season of Master Chef to debut once the kid’s season has finished in a few weeks!

  5. Ally

    I agree with your assessment of Love, Simon. that movie is high school coming of age perfection. I recently found Season 4 of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. I stopped watching this show after season 3 due to the constraints of no longer having a DVR, so I let it go. picking it up where I left off reminded me of how over the top crazy it is. still I enjoyed it.

    • You should try reading the Simon book too! It was fairly similar and I think the movie really captured the essence of the novel, which doesn’t always happen. You will have to let me know what you think of the season 4 finale…it’s wild!

  6. I’m on the fence about I, TONYA. On one hand I really want to see it and I’m sure it is super well-done. On the other hand, I don’t want to watch something that sympathizes with a perpetrator of something so wrong. Being abused is no excuse to do what she did & it kind of irked me that she was going around supporting the movie and being invited to red carpets for it. I think Nancy deserves better.

    • I never thought of it that way (and honestly I didn’t even know that Tonya was a victim of abuse- I only first heard about the whole scandal when I saw the preview of the movie) but I definitely understand your hesitations. I definitely need to do more research into what happened before I see the film.

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