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The lovely Jackie over at She Reads She Blogs tagged me for the Fictional Boyfriends Tag! The tag was originated by RayKay Books and you can check it out on their youtube channel here. Feel free to participate if the tag interests you, and link back in the comments so I can check out your answers!

1)Most Romantic Boyfriend: Edward from Twilight. I know, I know, but Edward was my first real experience with falling for a book character back when I read the books as a pre-teen. I definitely look back on the novels now and recognize he has some serious control issues, but his unwavering devotion as a partner and his manners and propriety are refreshing. Plus, I’m not one who would say no to his grand (and expensive and elaborate) gestures. (And let’s be very, very clear- this is referring to book Edward, not movie Edward).

2)The Dark and Moody Bad Boy with a Good Side: Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Morgenstern/Herondale from The Mortal Instruments. I was always team Jace + Clary because I loved seeing him open up to someone about his messed up past, and I appreciated how they worked together as a couple to work through their familial issues. I think a lot of Jace’s issues come from a really tragic past, but that underneath it he’s really a morally driven hero.

3) The Paranormal Boyfriend: Daemon Black from the Lux Series. No hesitations here. He has a major chip on his shoulder but he appreciates girls who can intellectually keep up with him and verbally spar with him and I’d be up for the challenge. Plus, he’s pretty dangerous when he wants to be so it’s nice knowing my boyfriend could manage to rescue me from wrongful imprisonment in a high security government lock down, or from kidnapping from a group of psycho aliens. Plus, he’s h-o-t.

4) The Boyfriend You Want to Tame: Patch Cipriano from Hush Hush. Judge me all you want, but this series is my ultimate guilty pleasure (though I hate having to justify anything I read) and I love Patch. I love angels, I love characters who exist in shades of grey, and I love his mysterious past (though I wish we had learned much more about his time in heaven). I love his devil-may-care attitude, and his wings and ugh *fangirls intensely*

5) The Boy You Friend-zoned: Harry from Harry Potter. Love love love Harry, but never in that way. I want Harry as my best friend, my leader, my classmate, but I never felt any sort of swoon-worthy attraction to him. This is fine by me, because I think it really allowed me to enjoy his story and adventures without distraction and to be able to see all of his strengths and flaws as a character.

6) Your Soulmate: Richard Campbell Gansey III from the Raven Cycle. Gansey has everything that I could possibly want in a partner: intellect, resourcefulness, passion, perfect social graces, and dresses impeccably. The second I picked up The Raven Boys, Gansey’s entire presence had me swooning with his adventure spirit and his clearly old, academia-minded soul trapped in a young body. Gansey and I would live a life of luxury, venturing around the world to chase our passions and pursuits, and he’s so open-minded he would never scoff at an idea or dream.

7) The Boyfriend You Would Elope With: Prince Kai from Cinder. While this probably wouldn’t be possible, seeing as he’s a prince and all and everything he does is monitored by his royal advisors, Prince Kai is just so sweet and growing into his own that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do something impulsive with him. He’s so earnest and so determined to try to do the right thing all the time that I just can’t help but like him.

8) The Boyfriend You Would Venture Anywhere With: I can’t think of one at the moment! Most of my picks have already been used.

9) The Boyfriend You Want to Be Stranded on a Desert Island With: Nathaniel Archibald from Gossip Girl. Partially due to my love of Chace Crawford who played his character on the show, and partially due to my doomed, OTP of Nate+Blair, I think Nate would be the perfect boy to be stranded with. He’d calm my anxiety for being stranded, he’s an expert sailor so he could perhaps finagle some sort of raft for us to escape on, and he’s from a pretty important family so someone would be bound to come and rescue us eventually. Plus, though he can be irresponsible, there’s no doubt he would make days stranded on a tropical island fun.

10) The Most Bad Ass Boyfriend: Raffe from Angelfall. So we’ve established I already have an angel weakness, almost all of my book boyfriends fall into the “tall, dark and handsome” category, and most of them happen to be of the paranormal variety. Raffe is no exception. Not only is he an archangel and one of the most powerful celestial being, he’s an incredible warrior with bomb survival instincts and centuries of wisdom. Cue full fangirl devotion to this series.

 Are any of these fictional guys on your list? Let me know, and link back if you do the tag!

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4 responses to “Fictional Boyfriends Tag!

  1. Nice choices! I laughed seeing Jace’s name. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with liking Twilight and Hush, Hush if that’s what you like. I’d like to add Enzo from the Young Elites and Day from Legend. Also, thank you for saving Jem for me. 😉

    • I haven’t read those series yet but I’ve heard good things about Young Elites! I thought about adding Jem, I was so close too! But I found myself being pulled more to the Herondale side in that series hahaha.

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