Top Ten Disney Villains (AKA the post where I admit how obsessed I am with Disney at Halloween Time)

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TTTcustombannerTop Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly feature hosted by the fantastic blog The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is all about villains, and since I just got back from visiting Disneyland during Halloweentime this past weekend, I thought it was the perfect time to focus on my favorite Disney baddies!

villain-ursula1Ursula is the original bad b. I was apparently obsessed with The Little Mermaid movie when I was little and my favorite character was apparently Ursula soooo…

villain-scar1I also LOVED The Lion King when I was little (my favorite character was Simba though, so I don’t ALWAYS love the villains). However, Scar’s character is so calculating and chilling you can’t help but grudginginly admire him as one of the most memorable villains (the “Dad? Dad!” part of the movie gets me EVERY time, especially when they play it during World of Color…)

villain-gaston1Gaston is a TOTAL troll but I have to love him because I met the BEST face character in the Disney parks who went ALL OUT in his acting of him. We argued for about 10 minutes straight about why I loved to read.


villain-dr-facilier1Though there are a lot of issues with the way vodoo is portrayed in The Princess and the Frog, Dr. Facilier is a villain who you can’t deny really sets the stage and creates an atmosphere. Plus he has his super catchy theme song.

villain-hades1Arguably the wittiest of all Disney villains, he often gets forgotten in this totally underrated Disney movie!


villains-si-and-am1They were total trolls but there song is SO catchy. Also, I am an unapologetic hardcore cat person so I can’t help but be amused by them.

villain-maleficent1Maleficent is SUCH an elusive Disney villain to meet in the parks! She is one of my total #Disneygoals to find one day. She’s also arguably the head of the Disney villain clan.

villains-yzma1Yzma (and this whole movie) is so totally laugh out loud funny. I love all of her quotes and her continual and comical failed attempts to overthrow the emperor. Another highly underrated Disney movie!

villains-evil-queen1My favorite Disney princess is Snow White (I love all of the imagery and colors associated with her and the classic/gothic/victorian feel) and it’s no surprise that I love the dark glamour that surrounds the Evil Queen!

villains-queen-of-hearts1Is this slightly because I am currently obsessed with Heartless by Marissa Meyer? Possibly. Also, she went out of her way to jump in a picture with me when I was randomly sitting in Disneyland so that’s total points in my book for creating a magical Disney moment!


Do you have any favorite Disney villains? Have you had any run ins with Disney villains personally? Let me know in the comments!


25 responses to “Top Ten Disney Villains (AKA the post where I admit how obsessed I am with Disney at Halloween Time)

  1. Hades is definitely a favorite of mine. He’s soo witty and sassy xD Other villains I love are Scar (The Lion King is my childhood), The Evil Queen (especially when she became the old woman… I used to hide when she appeared!) and The Evil Stepmother!

  2. My 3 year old just watched The Lion King for the first time last weekend and I was reminded of how vile Scar is. He also asked if Simba’s dad was sleeping. Heart = shattered. 🙁 He liked the movie, though. Great list!
    My Top Ten

  3. I love your photos in this post! They are SO adorable, and it makes me look forward to my own Disney trip (which is coming up next week, and hopefully will not get affected by bad weather) 😉 Of all the ones on your list, I think Hades is my favorite! I just find him so likable in spite of the evil choices he makes!

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