Sunday Funday: Week in Review [18]

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sundayfundaynewSunday Funday is a weekly(ish) post I’ve started to recap the bookish (and sometimes not-so-bookish) happenings in my life the past week! Feel free to participate, just link back!

November 3-9, 2014


Nothing too out of the ordinary to report this week. Spent a lot of time studying (mainly math…sigh) and when I wasn’t studying I was glued to the pages of I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson…my review gushing about how awesome/amaxing/fantastic/phenomenal/insert-your-own-praise-here will be up tomorrow!

What I’m Reading & Watching

If you saw my Stacking the Shelves post this week you’ll know that I got a few bookish treats in the mail this week (thanks to Amazon Prime…) and I defintitely need to stop buying books until Christmas because I already know I won’t be able to finish my recently purchased books on my TBR before the end of the year (my TBR is pretty much solidly booked through the entire month of November at this point!)


Currently Reading:

throneofglassSeriously this book is taking me forever to read and I don’t know why. It’s not that I dislike it exactly, it’s just not riveting me the way I thought it would (and I think it was over-hyped because I don’t think I’ve seen anything less than a 5-star review for this one). I think the love triangle (is there really one? Because I’m halfway through and the romance seems barely there) is being handled well, as both male characters are likeable enough and while I don’t dislike Celaena I’m finding it hard to think of as a BA assassin. Maybe I just need to rad further to see her true kick-butt potential come out? In any case, I’m deterined to finish it soon because it’s all that’s standing in the way of me and The Retribution of Mara Dyer.


RevengeSo I just started watching Revenge on a whim on Netflix this week and me and my family are hooked. Seriously I’m only six episodes in but I can’t stop watching it and I think Emily/Amanda is SO cool. It reminds me of a darker version of Gossip Girl. I think part of the reason I like it so much is that a lot of the plot seems like it would make a fantastic book series had it not been a show first!

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I’ve also added a new Features page to direct you to all of the current and recurring features I host and participate in!

Also keep on the look out this week for an exciting announcement about a winter reading feature I’m going to be hosting with some other great bloggers!

How was your week in books? Shows? What are you hoping to get read before 2014 ends? Let me know in the comments!

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9 responses to “Sunday Funday: Week in Review [18]

  1. I’m glad you liked I’ll give you the sun, that’s too bad about Throne of Glass, I haven’t read it yet either. I’ve watched Revenge since the start, it’s one of those I have no clue why I’m still watching it shows lol

  2. I totally get what you mean about Throne of Glass. While it is one of my favorite series, I thought the beginning of the book was badly written and not very fast paced. However, I thought the ending and the second book (not the third as much) made up for it. I loved the whole assassin-competition theme, but also found it hard to imagine Celaena as one — but she seems to think quite highly of her skills (not a good thing)! I hope you like it better once you’re done. Can’t wait to read your review! ~Gwen

    • Thank you! I’m about 60 pages from being finished and while the pace has definitely picked up I still haven’t had that “AHA” moment where I adore it. I think I’ll still give the second book a shot though!

  3. It took me until just past the halfway mark to really warm up to Throne of Glass. It could be because I don’t normally read a lot of Fantasy that it blew me away (I gave it 5/5 too, and I’ve only given 5/5 to like 6 books this year out of 60), but I’ve just finished the bind-up of the novellas, and I adored it too!

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