Coveting Covers: Be Still My Shadowhunter Heart

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Coveting Covers is a feature that highlights international or special/limited edition book covers that are not the “standard” ones sold in the US. I would love to add these covers to my collection!

Perhaps one of the most talked about series right now, The Mortal Instruments books were recently released with all new paperback covers in the US, which are no doubt gorgeous (those spines!) However, a set of new covers released in the UK, Australia, and Ireland by Walker Books have caught my attention with their simple and colorfully stunning covers:

TMI CollageAren’t they gorgeous? Much less crowded than the original covers, I love how each cover has one color combined with the gold and white lettering. Each image is simple yet complex, with the symbol having an etching that has scenes from the book within it. These covers are so haunting to me, with the illustrations inside the symbols looking like something reminiscent of ancient folklore. You can find these covers on Book Depository, and I’m quite frankly even more tempted to order these paperbacks instead of the new US boxed set!

*All cover pictures are courtesy of Goodreads

Have you seen these covers in person? Do you own them? How do you think they measure up compared to the other paperback covers that are available for this series? Do you ever re-buy books you already own to have different editions? Let me know in the comments!

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16 responses to “Coveting Covers: Be Still My Shadowhunter Heart

  1. This is such a great post! I’m obsessed with pretty books! I LOVE these covers! Why weren’t these the original covers for the series! They are beautiful! All the all covers for this series have been terrible. 🙁 I would also like to know why the US never gets pretty covers like these? So not fair!

    • Thank you, Ashley! I agree, I tend to usually prefer UK covers to US covers! I like the new edition US paperbacks for TMI, but the original ones were too metallic for my liking, and I didn’t like all of the people without heads on them, haha. I love the simplicity of these covers!

  2. I totally agree, I adore these covers! They kind of remind me of an angel themed zentangle! I have seen them in person and they look amazing in real life! If only Lady Midnight had a cover like that! I love them so much! Unfortunately I have the old covers!

  3. I don’t really know what to think about these covers. I’ve seen them a few times at the bookstore and they are missing something in my opinion. I’m not usually a fan of people on book covers but here I still prefer the original covers or the other new editions. I do really like the designs for each book though!

  4. *ducks head in shame before I begin typing*

    I haven’t actually read any Cassie Clare books. WHOOPS. I saw the movie, which although I know was a monstrosity, put off my need to read the series. Plus, It’s just SO huge! I do LOVE these covers, though! I think they’re the best of the lot!

    Great Post

    • Oh dear, please don’t let the movie influence your opinion of the series too much! I was SO disappointed by it. To be honest though, I’m a little scared to reread the Shadowhunter books because I don’t want to come to the realization that I may have “outgrown” it because I truly loved it so much when I read it! It is a time commitment though!

  5. I don’t own the Shadowhunter books (yet), and I wanted to reread before I even make that commitment. But these are lovely! I wish they had a combo of these covers with the spines in the set they are selling here 😉

  6. Febie

    I haven’t seen them in person and I don’t own any book in the series. But these covers are so lovely. UK really makes the best book covers.

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