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bookshelftourSince I’ve been blogging for over 6 months now, I thought it would be a great time to share my bookshelf, which is the source of my inspiration for this blog and the space where I spend a lot of time reading and writing content! I’m really excited to share my collection with you today!

Above is a picture of my main bookshelf, which is located in a sitting room upstairs in my house that leads to the hallway where some of the bedrooms are. The opposite wall are floor-to-ceiling glass windows and french doors with a lovely balcony that overlooks a courtyard which is great for reading! A majority of my books are on these shelves, with a few current reads in my bedroom and a few boxes of my childhood books that have yet to be unpacked from my last move.

My shelves are organized as so: On the left top-to-bottom are paranormal and fantasy alphabatized by author’s last name. These books spill over onto the first two shelves in the middle section. The second shelf in the middle is my To-Read shelf (those books are placed horizontally), followed by my Harry Potter shelf, my childhood favorites shelf, and my Nancy Drew shelf. The right section of shelves are all contemporary fiction, arranged by author and series.

The fantasy/paranormal side of my bookshelves
The fantasy/paranormal side of my bookshelves.

As you can see (sorry for the picture quality, these were taken with my phone and due to the wall of windows opposite there’s usually a glare on the books), I have a LOT of fantasy/paranormal YA, and it’s probably my favorite genre. I have all of the Shadowhunter books out so far by Cassandra Clare, The Mediator Series, the Hush Hush series, and the Castor Chronicles, just to name a few. There are some historical fiction titles mixed in as well, such as Revolution by Jennifer Donnely (which has some paranormal elements as well).



IMG_3545This starts the middle section of shelves, where my paranormal/fantasy books spill over, along with my random collection of Dr. Suess books that I found while unpacking recently (and which I couldn’t find a better home for at the moment). The books that are double-stacked horizontally are my TBR books (which is the only reason they’d be double stacked because it’s a huge pet peeve of mine normally!)

My Harry Potter and Childhood Favorite Shelf
My Harry Potter and Childhood Favorites shelf.

These are two of my favorite shelves, featuring all of my favorite childhood books! The top shelf is my Harry Potter shelf, with all of the US Hardbacks and Special Edition Paperbacks (I also have the original US paperbacks but they’re old and trashed from reading so much, so I keep them in my bedroom for easy access) and there’s the companion books such as The Tales of Beetle the Bard, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I also have the first book in Spanish, the last book in German, the and UK copies of the first three books (I collect different editions!) There are also some other HP inspired books, such as Harry Potter and Philosophy and some books such as Harry Potter Should Have Died (a compilation of essays about the series).

The bottom shelf has my Sailor Moon Mangas, Shel Silverstein poetry books, Grimm’s Fairytale Collections, Beverly Cleary books, Amelia’s Notebooks, Charlotte’s Web, Richard Scary, and of course my beloved Madeline books.

Nancy Drew Classic Yellow Hardbacks and some mass-market paperbacks tucked into the corner.
The contemporary side of my bookshelf.

IMG_3552My contemporary YA staples such as the Gossip Girl series, It Girl series, A-List series, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, and many of Meg Cabot’s YA and Adult Fiction series.

IMG_3553My last shelf is kind of a mix of more recent contemporary purchases (which I need to reorganize since I don’t have as many and only recently started buying contemporary again) and some of my school books from undergrad that I really loved and don’t want to part with (such as the books from my Disney class!) There’s also my Jodi Picoult books (I went through a major phase with her books when I was in high school).

My priority TBR pile that stays on my nightstand
My priority TBR pile that stays on my nightstand.

Lastly, I have a cute little wicker basket from IKEA that I keep on my nightstand with the books I plan to read in the near future/am currently reading. The corner my nightstand is in doesn’t have very good light for photographing, so I moved the books to my bed for the picture.

I have a lot more older books in my collection (a lot of children’s and middle grade) that are currently in storage and not included in this post, but this is the bulk of my favorite titles and of my adult and YA titles that I own.

I hope you enjoyed my tour!


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19 responses to “Bookshelf Tour!

  1. I love bookshelf tours! It’s sort of like visiting someone’s flat for the first time and immediately checking out their bookshelves to get a better idea of what they’re like in real life (and snooping through their pantry cupboards, too, if you’re me). Those yellow spines of the Nancy Drew books bring me back to my happy Child Detective Phase.

  2. Your bookshelves make my mouth water! I also can’t double stack books because then I feel bad for the books in the back. Even if they’re not good books. And Madeline! Madeline was my obsession when I was younger. I can still remember scenes from the movie clear as day because I watched it so much.

    • I loved Madeline! I hope she’s still around! I get what you mean about double-stacking, it feels like I’m selling short the poor books that end up in the back, and then I feel like I’m so much less likely to pick them up!

  3. Alison's Wonderland Recipes

    I saw the row of yellow books on the bottom and immediately thought, “Oh my gosh! I LOVE Nancy Drew!” Isn’t it weird how some jacket designs are so iconic, we can recognize them at a distance (even if it’s just the spine)?

    P.S. Amelia’s Notebook was one of my most favorite books series growing up. I’m determined to name one of my daughter’s Amelia some day! 🙂

  4. Cait

    Your bookshelf is awesome!! I’ve only been book blogging like properly for a year, so I have only JUST started collecting books. Although, I’ve already filled up a 16 cube IKEA bookshelf. IN JUST ONE YEAR! Omg, I need to slow down! But your books are so beautiful and I’m particularly admiring your Shiver hardbacks and Insurgent hardback too. So shiny! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

  5. Ah, you beat me to it! I literally just asked if people would like to see a bookshelf tour last week. I’m super nosy, so I always enjoy this kind of post. I actually (somewhere at my parent’s house, I think) have some of the original edition hardcover Nancy Drew novels that my aunts passed down to me. Those stories never get old 🙂

    • They really never do! I was actually inspired to do the bookshelf tour post because I noticed a lot of bloggers suddenly doing them (maybe influenced by the back to school season?) and they’re always so much fun to read!

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