Summer Reading Series 2013: Onyx

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Onyx (Lux, #2)Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was the book of the summer that had me reading in every inappropriate place and circumstance: parked in parking lots instead of going into stores, in the bathroom, while waiting for other people to use the bathroom, when I had guests, and basically every other moment when I should have been doing something else. I was addicted. I was shocked. I’ve noticed a trend in YA novels that the second book in the series tends to disappoint the most (for example, the introduction of the inevitable love triangle *SIGH*), yet even through the clichés I was able to jump right into this despite it being a month after I had read it’s predecessor and be completely absorbed.

My thoughts are all in a flurry regarding this book, so let me try to keep this organized, short, and sweet. I loved that this book was action-packed. It didn’t need to build a whole new plot, rather it just revealed an underlying plot that we as readers, nor the Luxen, knew was simmering beneath the surface of the previous novel. Yes, there is romance, and yes, Daemon Black is an undeniably attractive para-noyying male protagonist a la Edward, Patch, whatever your poison may be, but this book made me care so much about the characters, about the plot, about the outcome, and about aspects I’d never thought I was into (a little sci-fi, a little government conspiracy, etc).

I continue to applaud Katy for being a more feminist protagonist regarding her relationship with the main love interest, though she (disappointingly) falls into many of the stereotypes of the other paranormal romance protagonists: love triangle with a “human”, trusting all the wrong people, not seeing things that were right in front of her face which gets people killed, I’m sure you get the drift by now. I was surprised that I wanted to wring her neck in this one when I loved her so much in the first book. But hey, maybe that makes her portrayal all the more realistic- she’s human and humans are fallible at the best of times.

Armentrout is not afraid to approach tough topics and that is apparent in the sexism Katy faces, the corruption in the government, the intolerance the Luxen face from being different and their desperate attempts at assimilation, the view of minorities as sub-humans that majority groups hold, and the brutality of violence- death is not shied away from in this book, nor is torture, desperation, and betrayal.

Bottom line: This is a request, no, a plight, that is YA fiction is up your alley, to please please please take the time to read this series, because A) it is fantastic and B) I need more people to talk about it with!

Have you read the Lux series? Did you find it as captivating as I do? How does it stack up against others in its genré? Let me know in the comments!

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2 responses to “Summer Reading Series 2013: Onyx

  1. So I’m totally going through your reviews to see which books we have in common and I stumbled upon the Lux series! I’m so glad you liked them! It’s one of my favorite series. Have you read the other books in the series?

    • I did indeed love the series and read all of them! However, I started the blog briefly in 2012 with a few reviews and didn’t come back to it until 2014, so it was in that period of off time that I read the rest of the books, and therefore don’t have reviews posted for the rest of them. I REALLY liked 4 but I was a little disappointed with 5 and how the series ended!

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