Welcome Home, Meeko!

Posted February 23, 2022 by Cristina (Girl in the Pages) in Lifestyle / 4 Comments

When I tell you that 2022 has been a RIDE so far, I’m not kidding, and the first 10 days were perhaps the craziest of all. Max and I keep joking that we can’t wait to be back in *precedented* times, because ever since we got married in 2019 it’s been one major life event and/or global disaster after another. However, it seems like a boring year just isn’t in the cards for us, as we kicked off 2022 with adopting a new cat.

Meet Meeko!

Our adoption story of Meeko is sort of wild. We lost both of our other cats (Skye and Coco, RIP) within almost exactly a year of each other in 2020 and 2021, and for a while were not ready to start thinking about a new cat. Last summer, we finally decided we were ready to start looking, and started researching breeds, breeders, availability, etc- and wow, it was an overwhelming process! We narrowed it down to about 3 breeds (Ragdoll, Scottish Straight, British Shorthair) and spent many months researching, contacting breeders, learning about ethical breeding practices, and ensuring we were making the right decision for our family. We finally decided in the fall that the Ragdoll breed was the way to go based on their temperament, health, and our experience we already had with one in our extended family. However, trying to find an available one was intense- I had no idea these little guys were in such demand! After months of searching and sitting on waitlists, we finally got a call that a kitten was available right as we were traveling out of town- which meant dealing with all of the logistics while we were on vacation, which wasn’t easy.

All of the chaos was totally worth it, however, as Meeko is the sweetest little guy we could have ever hoped for! He is a blue, bicolor Ragdoll who’s currently 16 weeks old as a writing this. He is SO affectionate, and wants to be around us at all times. This is our first time having a boy kitten, and he’s definitely a LOT more hyper than I was expecting- at times it feels like he has a baby, as he needs constant attention and always wants to play. He’s also a big fan of being picked up and carried around, and will cry and wrap his paws around your legs if he wants you to pick him up. So far he hasn’t really liked heights (he won’t go on his condo unless we put him on it, as in the picture above, and then promptly jumps off) and loooooves play tunnels and crinkle balls. He’s definitely helping me to learn to go with the flow more, as there’s no telling what he will do at any given time (like jumping on things he’s not supposed to, or having intense zoomies at 3am). He’s also a big fan of thinking he owns the bed just as much as the humans, and I will often find him and Max in our guest bed taking a nap, both with their heads back on the pillow lying on their backs like he is a tiny person, lol.

After the past two years of COVID and dealing with a lot of loss in our lives with both pets and family members, it’s been refreshing to bring this little guy into our home and *hopefully* spend the next 15 to 20 years with him. So, expect a good decade or two of cat spam from me and some appearances from him on the blog and Instagram!



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