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As a book blogger, my idea of a fun New Year’s Eve is obviously making charts of my 2018 reading stats after finishing my last book of the year, and this post is exactly that- a look at some of the stats I find most interesting from my 2018 reading habits (compiled on NYE as I wave good riddance to 2018, #thankunext).

Type: As usual, YA was the predominant type of book I read, but Adult fiction made up a respectable quarter of books I read. I feel like there were a few books (mainly Christina Lauren novels) that could have been classified as New Adult but TBH I never know if they’re Adult or NA so I lumped them in with the Adult fiction titles to simplify things.

Format: I listened to a LOT more audio books in 2018 than last year (15% compared to 1%!) This was the year I actually discovered I liked audio books and that my jam is listening to them while driving or doing chores around my house. My fiance and I decided to try out Scribd and it’s been working well for us and I read a total of 12 audio books! My e-book reading also went up by about 12% from 2017 to 2018, but my physical book reading took quite a dive (down about 15%).

Release Date: In 2017 I read more back list titles than anything else (60%) but in 2018 increased my “reading books actually published in the current year” reading by 20%! I foresee this becoming a trend in the next few years- I have a lot of back list books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read that I honestly need to cull as I don’t see myself realistically getting around to reading them.

Genre: Contemporary books made up 58.5% of the books I read in 2018, a fact that I’m not surprised about AT ALL. I’d like to expand more into other genres (especially fantasy) but I also don’t want to force myself to read things I’m not in the mood for, so I’m OK with this breakdown.

Star Ratings: I recently discussed how I feel like I’ve hit a 5 star reading drought in 2018, and while there were a few great 5 stars in 2018, many of them were rereads and I just felt hard to impress this year.

Fun Facts

  • Month I Read the Most Books In: May
  • Month I Read the Least Books In: September
  • Number of Rereads: 6
  • Longest Book Read: Heir of Fire (562 pages) (reread)
  • Shortest Book Read: Keeping the Moon (228 pages) (reread)
  • Number of Books DNF’d: 5

Overall, I’m not mad about my reading stats for 2018. I really started getting into audio books, had a healthy number of 4 star reads, and managed to sneak in a decent amount of rereads too (mainly due to my TOG reread but I’d like to reread more in 2019!) How did your 2018 reading stats pan out? Are they what you were expecting or did they surprise you? Let me know in the comments!


8 responses to “2018 End of Year Bookish Stats

  1. I love some end of the year stats ! These are so well organized. I think the increase in audiobooks seems to be on trend with the popularity of audiobook. I’ve been using Scribd off and on for a few years and it’s a great way to discover audiobooks.

    • Thank you Jess! I’m so glad I was finally able to get into audio books as it’s definitely helped me to squeeze in more books, especially during commute time! It’s a nice treat too knowing I can enjoy a book during what would be an otherwise stressful time!

  2. I love everyone’s stat posts ! I’ve never paid attention to how many books I DNF’d so I may do that this year. I’ve seen so much Christina Lauren books on end of year lists that I think I’m going to have to read one this year. Maybe their newest book.

    • Honestly Christina Lauren blew me away, I read 3 books by them in 2018 and loved them all! (Two 5 star ratings and a strong 4 star). I just love that they still have a “New Adult” feel without succumbing to a lot of the stereotypical New Adult tropes.

    • Why thank you! Although I feel like I read very little compared to others (and anticipate the number will go down in 2019 due to wedding planning). I think we also may be getting more picky with our ratings the longer we’ve been blogging 😉

  3. You have so much more restraint when it comes to rereads and I need your magic asap. I spend almost a third of my year rereading and while it’s lovely, I feel like I don’t read as many new books because of it. My distribution of target audience is about the same as yours. I also struggle with classifying NA and Adult. Right now, it’s mostly by the age of the protagonist and the amount of more mature content but really, I think NA is suffering from a bit of an identity crisis. The publishing world really wants NA to be all about romance so that’s what it’s become but it could be so much more! Anyway, I hope you have a lovely and productive 2019, Cristina!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks recently posted: Review Wednesday: Bittersweet by Krista Noorman
    • I actually wish I reread MORE. It would be so helpful with all of the new books in series that come out that I end up procrastinating on because I don’t make the time to reread the prior books (and can never properly remember what happened without a reread lol). I’m actually hoping to reread a bit more in 2019!

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