All I Want for Christmas Is You! | 2017 Edition

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What’s better than finding new books under the Chirstmas tree? For me, books (or gift cards to purchase books) are usually a huge staple in my wish list, although in recent years I’ve really pared down my bookish wishlist in an effort to cultivate a more purposeful home library (and I’m running out of space, let’s be honest). There’s usually not a ton of new releases in December, so Christmas usually serves as a time for me to ask for books I can’t get from the library to try out and didn’t pre-order throughout the year (which is largely how I buy books).

Max is usually the only one who buys me books (the rest of family generally doesn’t want to brave selecting something since my collection is already so expansive) and he made a comment about the books on my list all being pretty depressing this year- oops? I just like heavier contemporaries, ok?!

I’m also linking up with Top Ten Tuesday this week, as their prompt fits perfectly with this post: Books I Hope Santa Brings.

Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index | I’ll admit, the cover is a BIG draw for me on this one! Plus my book twin Lauren raved about this one.

Bad Romance | Huge cover draw here again. Also, for some reason my local libraries don’t have it via Overdrive (which is how I read 99% of library books) and I think it’s such an important book (not that I’ve read it, but from the synopsis and reviews I’ve read).

A Psalm for Lost Girls | As a Religious Studies major in college, I am a totally addict with any YA book that deals with a portrayal of religion. This also sort of reminds me of one of my favorite Jodi Picoult books from the blurb, Keeping Faith.

Aftercare Instructions | I cannot even tell you how important that is that we keep talking about women’s reproductive health and rights in this current political climate, and I’m glad to see that an author is doing just that through this YA novel.

The Hating Game | I read this one back in February and I LOVED it. I borrowed a copy from my library’s Overdrive and I knew I needed one for my own collection- I haven’t shipped a couple so hard since ACOMAF.

City of Bones | This 10th anniversary edition looks stunning and it has artwork inside as well! Plus I’m do for a reread.


Now I Want to Hear from You!

Do you struggle with what books to add to your wishlist for Christmas? Have you usually acquired all of your highly anticipated reads by the end of the year? Are you super picky with the physical books you buy and add to your shelves? And, most importantly, do you have book recommendations that you absolutely recommend I add to my list? Let me know in the comments!


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24 responses to “All I Want for Christmas Is You! | 2017 Edition

  1. I like the idea of a “purposeful home library.” At least in theory. In reality, mine’s huge and overflowing and getting more ridiculous by the day! I generally buy my own books at Christmas, but I often get bookstore gift cards for Christmas and my birthday because everyone knows they can’t go wrong with that 🙂

    Happy TTT!

  2. I’m pretty picky when it comes to what books I buy (or ask for) physical copies of. I never buy a book unless I’ve read it first (so usually I’m behind the initial wave of excitement) and if I liked it a bit and want to reread it, I’ll buy an ebook. If I loved it, I’ll buy a physical copy! I just really don’t want to run into the problem where I end up hating a book but I already own it so I either have to suck it up and let it take up space, or I have to deal with getting rid of it in some fashion (donation, exchange, etc). I’m just too lazy for that 🙂

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks recently posted: Review Wednesday: Artemis by Andy Weir
    • I’m trying to start doing that too- reading books from the library first before buying them (unless it’s from an auto-buy author) so I don’t spend my money on books I don’t like. It’s really hard though! It’s actually on my to do list this week to take a bunch of books to donate to the library that I have ended up purchasing in the past and disliked, which is sort of a hassle…it’s so hard though because as a blogger I’m exposed to SO MANY different books!

  3. Jo

    I don’t usually get books for Christmas, my family think I already have too many (and I don’t really trust them to know my taste in books). My friends know better and I would trust them more to buy books for me, but they know how picky I am! I like getting gift cards though, cause then I can pick out the books I like for myself!

    Jo recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #138
    • Haha I can completely sympathize with family thinking you have too many books! My family is really tired of helping me move them since they’re so heavy! I didn’t receive too many giftcards but my bf was able to get most of the books on my wishlist so I have a lot of books to keep me company through the new year 🙂

  4. My family and friends also rarely buy me books since they know I’ve read so much! Haha. I am dying to get my hands on the 10th anniversary edition of CoB… I’ve almost caved and bought it so many times, but I left it on my wishlist for the holidays instead. Aftercare Instructions is fantastic and so needed; I really hope you get that one (and all the others, too!)!

    Madalyn @ Novel Ink recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Hope Santa Brings
    • I got the 10th anniversary of COB and it’s beautiful! 😀 My BF also surprised me with TMI boxed sets with the paperbacks with the new covers/spine illustrations and I’m now in Shadownhunter heaven lol. I got Aftercare Instructions too, I can’t wait to read it!

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