I Will Go Down With My Ship: My Favorite Fictional Couples

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I Will Go(1)

In honor of Valentine’s day this week, I decided a post dedicated to my favorite YA couples was in order! Sadly, many of my most desperate ships did not sail, but they are alive in well in MY heart (and in the glorious world of fanfiction).

Blair & Nate from Gossip Girl

Can we just pretend that the last four seasons of the show never happened? Because I have been a Nair shipper since the veryyyy beginning, and this whole Chuck and Blair storyline was SO improbable to me (and had NO validation in the books- the epilogue book doesn’t count since it was written AFTER the show). Nate and Blair have been through so much together and it just feels like they’re fated to be together in the long run. My adoration for Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester has blown my inner fangirl for this pairing out of control.


Harry & Hermione from Harry Potter

I was in denial until the very end. I wanted them to be together so badly. They were both brave and clever and balanced each other out and they would’ve made the ultimate power couple. Ron was just a third wheel to this epic relationship that could have been (I mean HOW many times did he get angsty and moody and ditch them?) That dance scene in the Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie was like a giant nod to all of us Harmione shippers, and it simultaneously enraged and excited us. What a tease.


Cinder & Prince Kai from The Lunar Chronicles

From the first book in the series, I adored the dynamic between Cinder and Kai. He’s so earnest and effortlessly charming and a good guy, and there’s such a warmth between him and Cinder. He doesn’t write her off because of her profession or for being a cyborg, even long before he knows her true identity. I also love seeing Cinder, who’s gone so much of her life without being able to want anything, want Kai in such a personal way. I want them to get married and unite Luna and Earth and have beautiful half-Lunar half-Earthen babies. Also, have a picture of all the characters because they’re all so darn beautiful.

Beautiful fan art courtesy of lostie815 via deviantart.com. Click image to be linked to source.


Penryn & Raffe from Angelfall

Talk about a slow burn romance. I loved Raffe and Penryn from the start partly because I am obsessed with paranormal books that deal with angels and partly because Raffe is arguably the sexiest fictional character I’ve ever read. PLUS him and Penryn often work together and face equal amounts of danger in their post-apocalyptic quest. Penryn holds her own in the relationship with an angelic being and Raffe doesn’t try to coddle her or doubt her abilities to kick butt. Now Raffe just needs to admit he has all the feeeels.


Lily & Rowan from Trial By Fire

My newest ship, I was drawn by the slow burn and the intense (and literal) chemistry between Lily and Rowan. It’s filled with tension and misplaced anger and repressed declaration of feelings and I can’t even handle how much I love the concept of the “claiming” bond between witch and mechanic. Plus Rowan comes off as bossy initially but it’s to serve the larger purpose of helping Lily to be able to fight and save herself and others, as he trains her to use him as a vessel for her power; he’s literally bound to be her warrior. I cannot even handle waiting until the fall for the next book. I need more Rowan in my life ASAP.


Who are your OTPs? Do you have ships that you’ve stuck with despite them “sinking?” Did any of my favorite couples overlap with yours? Let me know in the comments! Have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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25 responses to “I Will Go Down With My Ship: My Favorite Fictional Couples

  1. If I could jump through the screen and hug you for the Blair and Chuck vs. Nate comment, I would. SERIOUSLY. I read the books in HS before the show came out and in the books Chuck was a dude (who they thought was gay) who had a pet monkey. The fact that him and Blair are the OTP of the TV show infuriates me to no end.

    • You literally have no idea how HAPPY I was to receive this comment (jumping up and down and squealing may have happened). NOT ONE OF MY FRIENDS shipped Blair/Nate and yet they have remained my OTP since high school. It’s like, hello, did you all forget what a non-romantic character he was in the books?! (with a pet monkey named Sweetie- I think they nodded to this in the show by having him adopt a dog named Monkey). I shipped them so hard through the whole show (and had so much faith in them in season 2…) and so in my mind I just like to pretend “Chair” never happened…it will never be canon for me! (Sorry I’ll stop flailing now BUT it’s further proof that our tastes are so similar!)

  2. Harry and Hermione yes! I accepted it when Ron and Hermione got together and I was kind of happy that it wasn’t a love triangle and that Harry and Hermione were just friends. I also love Penryn and Raffe and Prince Kai and Cinder! The ending of Cress was just brutal! Awesome post!

    • I DO appreciate that HP didn’t fall victim to a love triangle but I just never could get on board with Ron and Hermione. I don’t like couples that spend so much time being mean to each other and arguing; it’s not healthy!

  3. Yes! I’ve always thought Harry and Hermione would be a cute couple. I shipped them way before JK Rowling admitted that she regretted Romione. And Penryn and Raffe for sure are on mine, too. I love them together so much. My babies.

  4. Hehe, I know it was so awful for Harmione shippers! I didn’t really care as long as there was a HEA and everyone was in one piece! Lol! 😀

    I NEED TO READ THE LUNAR CHRONICLES AND ANGELFALL!!!!! LIKE YESTERDAY!! I’m planning on reading Lunar Chronicles this summer, just a couple weeks before the release of Winter so that I can still anticipate it but not die because of the wait, ya know? I’ll be reading Angelfall after 4 out of thr 5 books come out because ME NO LIKE WAITING!!

    I have a question… where is Percabeth in this?!?!?!? Wait, you HAVE read PJO, right?!?! RIGHT?! If not, you really need to get on that! And since all the books are out, you don’t need to suffer in the wait!! 😀

    Anyway, awesomesauce post!
    Follower via Bloglovin’.
    ~Fari 0:) (Seriously, even my signature emoji demands that I read Angelfall XD) @ My Little Corner for Books

    • I haven’t read Percy Jackson yet! (I know, right?!) I think I was a bit older when they were released so I sort of missed out on them not being in the targeted age range, and have sort of been hesitant to start them because I’m wondering if the start of the series will read too much like a middle grade series for me.

      Thanks so much for the comment and follow! 🙂

  5. Ok, I have only read the Gossip Girl prequel but I object to that ship! CHAIR FOREVER! Haha

    I love HP fanfiction the most, and I ship Remus/Sirius, Hermione/Draco, and Snape/me lol! 😉

    • Have you read the books? I think Nate and Serena are fun but at the end of the day a bit too similar to work out long term. Plus, I don’t think she always treats him very nicely! (I won’t say anymore though because I don’t want to spoil you!)

  6. I actually loved Chuck and Blair together even though there’s nothing about it in the books. I was personally cheering for Nate & Serena. As for Hermione and Harry……..well someone had to be with Ron I guess and Ginny is a Weasley 😀

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